All the luck!

Some days it seems like you are the dog and some days you feel a bit more like the hydrant. We have all experienced this. We go through some pretty rough times. Sometimes it seems like the prudent thing to do would be just to give up but when you feel like that, it is the most important time to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and pull yourself back together so that you can carry on. We all know what it means to just give up. Sometimes we even test it out to see how it fits on but if you are at all like me, you just can’t be kept down for very long. It is inside of me. I have always needed to feel like my life is useful.

Luckily, They are not all trying times. With the bad always come the good. Surely you can look back at your life and remember a time filled with pure joy. A time that you were the king of the world, second to none. You had accomplished a great goal or had a hard earned victory. Maybe you had just met a person who you were instantly attracted to and you were filled with hope for the future… Surely if you look hard enough you will be able to find the memory inside of yourself that I am taking about.

Well, I would like to go over one such experience with you. This is one of the good ones. I usually keep the bad ones all locked up inside. They rarely see the light of day because they can be such a drag. I would not want to put you through something that traumatic. Anyway, I was spending some of my free time online trying my luck at a hand or two of cards…

I was not expecting to be there for long because, to be honest, I had other plans but I got into a 2 – 4 game of Texas Hold’em. I was doing very well for myself and had won three or four hundred bucks. Not a bad hall for a mornings work. It was at that time the site I was on started their daily advertising round for the upcoming tournament. It happened to be that afternoon and since I was already having a great morning I changed my plans to coincide with it.

It would cost me most of the money I had already won for the day to enter but if I could win it would be a big score. I was having a hard time of finding any hands to play for the first hour or 2 of the tourney but once I started winning, I really took off. I ended up taking 2nd place and it was amazing the amount of money I walked away with. I won’t even tell you because you won’t believe me but I will say that I bought a car with it and had some left over for gas… I guess some days I just have all the luck!

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