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At MVP casino guide, YOU are the MVP! We have set about finding the best online casinos for MVP and VIP players. The best sign up bonuses, the best retention bonuses, and VIP retention rewards. Of course we only include online casinos that have great software, that is smooth to play, and as quick or slow as you like to play. To make the grade, the casino needs to be licensed and trustworthy. There are still some untrustworthy online casinos out there, most have gone broke and left the industry, but some remain. The casinos on this page have a history of paying the players, and paying them promptly. They have contactable customer service, and they respond to our questions on behalf of players in a timely fashion. We have never had a problem with any of the casinos we recommend ( if we did, we would not recommend them!)

There are many online casinos out there looking for the opportunity to show you that they are the best online casino in the land. To do this they will offer free bonuses. This is not a scam, it is a way to attract you for a free trial, or not so free trial. Some have a $10 free sign up bonus which is just that – free money to play once you have signed up. These offers are legitimate, they are a free trial, just $10 is not a lot to play with. For more serious gamblers who like the game rather than just a free $10, good casinos will offer a “match” bonus. So they will match your first deposit up to a level, it may be a 100% bonus, 200% bonus or sometimes more. The higher the bonus usually the lower the amount. For example a 200% sign up bonus may be up to $100 where a 100% sign up bonus up to $1000 is common. This way you can deposit up to $1000 and have a balance in your account to play with of up to $2000. This a bonus to play with you cannot simply withdraw it, as online casinos are not in the business of giving away money. The big advantage of these bonus offers though is that it gives you double the money to play with. So if you play at the best online casinos, the odds are the same as at Las Vegas in a bricks and mortar casino, having double the money to play with beats the house odds.

We’ll be happy to go over some of these Casinos for you. Keep in mind that no matter how you learn of any place you choose to do business with it is important to properly vet. This keeps you safe. It is always better to err on the side of safety than to have to spend one day worrying…

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