MVP Casinos cont.

MVP and VIP players will be treated well at all of these casinos. As a player you will no doubt know that you can have good and bad days at blackjack, slots or roulette. The way we play, and we recommend others play, is by moving around as you would at a casino or Vegas bar, if the machine is not treating you well move on. We do this inside each online casino, by stopping play and going back to the lobby for awhile if playing blackjack, or changing machines if playing slots online. We want to make sure we cover a variety of casino games. We also change casinos regularly if we are not winning, I keep open 4 or 5 online casino accounts. The benefit of this is two – fold, first, If I am playing online blackjack or online slots and losing, I can go back to the lobby and open another casino to play at while I wait for the luck, or numbers, or odds to change at the first casino, then return – unless of course I making a killing at the second casino! Second, by playing at multiple casinos, I get much more bonus money as a VIP player, as the casinos retention teams are working overtime to get me free money every month to keep playing.

By playing low house edge blackjack, or online slots with a progressive, I increase my chances of winning. By taking the bonus money on offer each month I increase my bankroll and so my time at the online blackjack table or online slot machine, again increasing my chances of winning big on my original bankroll. Then to smooth the edges so I can take out the swings, and play near the real averages I move around my 5 best online casinos every month, collecting bonuses on each deposit and playing when luck is my side.

If you work the system right, it can be very beneficial. The extra bonuses and rewards I get from each of them when I visit is considerable. The bonuses are always different. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad… The reason that online players even get these bonuses is as a result of the online casino passing the savings along to the player. It is easy when they have much, much lower overhead than their rick – and – mortar counterparts. The result is very enjoyable and two – fold. First the online Casino gets to use the bonuses as a marketing tool to draw customers (new and returning) and second they customer gets to enjoy substantially extended game play as well as improved odds of winning.

Good luck, please try our best online casino recommendations, and I hope this page was some help to you in beating the online casinos!

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