MVP Slots Bonuses

Slots make the online casinos world go around. There isn’t a casino on earth that doesn’t realize that their slots players are what keeps them in business…so what better way to thank them than coming up with special bonuses just for them!

  • Slots Bonuses may use the tried-and-true “match bonus” format, which grants you extra free money based on a percentage of your deposit (a 100% deposit bonus would double the money you put in your account, a 150% bonus would make your $50 deposit turn into $75 total, et cetera). For more info about online slots, make sure to visit Online’s slot section.

Pure Vegas Casino does a nice $2400 Slots Special, which is actually a pair of 200% match bonuses worth $1200 each.

Cherry Red Casino rises to the challenge by combining the two into one big 400% bonus worth $2400.

  • Tournaments. Slots players love ’em. You pay an entry fee (unless it’s a freeroll tournament, in which case you don’t pay a thing!) and spin those reels as hard and fast as you can. The players who finish with the top amounts get HUGE prizes…and usually plenty of the semi-finalists get a nice amount too.

Crazy Slots guarantees an average of nearly $400,000 per month in tournaments, many of which are in the four or five-figure range…and most of which cost less than a dollar to enter!

All Jackpots Casino offers FREE tournaments with thousands of dollars in prizes — several times per week! In addition to the fun of playing and the potential prizes, the multi-player experience can give you some of that social feeling.

  • Rewardsthere are plenty of slots casinos that offer some sort of VIP rewards program (in fact, we have an entire page on that phenomenon) but some simply put the bonuses out there for all who play.

Rich Casino offers a weekly Super Tuesday promotion (coupon code TOUR225) which guarantees $225 to the three players who wager the most on slots.

Slots Plus not only offers a nice cash back loyalty program, they also run a $1000 Weekly Reward promotion which gives away 10 prizes of $100 a week…simply for being there!

It’s like I always like to say: “If you’re not going to do it right, don’t bother doing it at all.” Why would anybody bother to do something without taking advantage of every opportunity to improve one’s own place in this world. In other words, Why would anyone possibly play the game without trying their hardest to win? That’s all it is when you take full advantage of the perks and bonuses available for playing your favorite game online. As soon as I came across this, I started screaming it from the mountain tops. I suggest you do the same thing… More players, more money to be won!

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