Online Casinos MVP Awards

Okay, it may not be the Heisman trophy, but we here at MVP Casino Guide offer up our highest accolade in the form of (what else?) an MVP award for the most outstanding online casino.

To be considered for this prestigious award (it is because we say it is, okay?), an online casino must excel in four specific areas:

  1. Gameplay – the online casino must have a great variety of the highest quality casino games. Lots and lots of slots is a must, and a few surprises never hurts, either.
  2. Security – This is a tougher section than you might think. Reputation and positive reviews have something to do with it, and a super-solid software security system helps too.
  3. Promotions – we’re not happy only being satisfied. We want to make our gaming money go as far as possible, and we like a present now and then. How about something special in the area of bonuses, extras, promotions, rewards (et cetera)?
  4. Support – we’re talking about 24/7 personal care here. No casinos with only email contacts, or costly international phone numbers that are only staffed four hours a day, every other week, in an obscure dialect of an extinct language.

Due to the terms of our sacred rulebook, we can’t actually award this to the same online casino twice in a row. Luckily, with the US government being so clueless having passed the UIGEA, we get to award two MVPs this year: one for the US and one for everyone else!

Silver Oak Casino is one of those new kids that the old kids love to hate, because they do everything so much better. They should; Silver Oak was actually created by a bunch of industry veterans who compared notes on what they wanted in an online casino and put all of the best bits together.

Okay, we should really say “Party Gaming” because we’re hopelessly in love with everything that a player can do there, but it’s not fair to the rest of the kids who only do casino games. The Live dealers were a great addition this year, and the revamped Palladium Lounge is just all sorts of brilliant. Very little contest (now please, come back to the US as soon as you can!).

This is like the all star line – up… If we had a starting team, we are certain that this would be it. We have not come to the conclusions on this site lightly. No, it’s really the exact opposite. We have taken into consideration all of the most important points and drawn our conclusions logically. Please understand that due diligence is %100 recommended but the outcome will be the same.

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